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Kappa curry | Maravalli kilangu curry | Tapioca curry recipe

  Kappa curry | Mara Valli kilangu curry | Tapioca curry is a very tasty and traditional food of south India. It’s a very suitable combination of fish curry and beef curry. INGREDIENTS QUANTITY Mara Valli kilangu 500kg Coconut grater 2 table spoons Turmeric 1 tea spoon Red chilli powder 1 tea spoon Pepper(whole) 1 table spoon Jeera/cumin 1teaspoon Cloves 2 nos’ Dry red chilly 2 Curry leaves Handful Coconut oil 1 table spoon Salt As required Water As required   Preparation: ·      Take half kg Mara Valli kilangu, peel and clean. Chop into small pieces. ·      Take a pan, add chopped Mara Valli kilangu pieces and add ½ tea spoon turmeric and water. ·      Boil it for 5 mins and drain water. ·

how to cook Cauliflower Rice

  Cauliflower Rice is a healthy and easy recipe. Kids who don’t like to eat vegetables will love this meal. People who follow diet can take this meal. Cauliflower lovers really like this recipe. Let’s get started. INGREDIENTS QUANTITY Onion(medium) 1(finely chopped) Carrot 1(finely chopped) Beans 10 no's (finely chopped) Cauliflower 450g Ginger 1inch Green chilly 2(take according to your spices) Bay leaves 1 Cinnamon 1 Cloves 2 Star anise 2brokenpeices Salt As required Pepper 1 tea spoon Coriander leaves Chopped Hand full Olive oil 2 table spoons Water As required Turmeric ¼ tea spoon   PROCEDURE: ·